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Buy 99.99% Copper Milbery Scrap

Buy 99.99% Copper Milbery Scrap


99.99% Copper Cathode

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Buy gold online Our selection of finest quality gold nuggets and gold in quartz specimens
with their amazing quality and natural beauty.


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buy gold online, ,Copper scrap material — also known as secondary copper — can be divided into two main categories: new scrap and old scrap. … Old scrap refers to copper wire, copper tubing, roofing copper or copper pipe from post-consumer products that can be converted to refined metal and alloys

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Gold nuggets are rare and just don’t occur in great numbers. Even in the very rich gold-bearing areas, actually finding a nugget is no small task. Again, this is the reason that gold has such a high value today, and nuggets are even rarer. If it were common, it wouldn’t be worth so darn much money!.

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At Rickel Products Limited, we pride ourselves in committing to ethical standards. We are also vigilant in protecting the environment, and strive to minimize our environmental footprint. 

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At Rickel Products Limited, we prioritize health and safety. We love an environment that celebrates and supports diversity. We strive for an environment of mutual respect


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At Rickel Products Limited,  We strive on  innovation, adaptability and accountability in executing against our business strategy. We want our people to be known across the industry for their passion, sense of urgency, ability and initiative

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We are very disciplined at Rickel Products Limited.  We will always pursue efficient ways to use the company’s resources. We will always seek new ways to drive down costs..

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Rickel Products Limited is committed to the highest standards of corporate governance practices and ethical conduct. Rickel Products Limited has designed its corporate governance practices and its global compliance program to align with applicable regulatory requirements. The Company actively monitors developments in applicable laws, international standards and best practices to ensure that its approach consistently reflects Rickel’s commitment to the highest standards.

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